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Phelps Playschool Monthly Newsletter

Phelps Playschool May 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

Summer Enrollment

New contracts are sent home for those families with scheduling changes. Please give us final date notice NO later than June 9th so that we can confirm and finalize placements for incoming children & families.

Failure to do so may cause a loss of preferred space.


6/5 Vito is 4! (celebrating 6/5)

6/16 Closed

6/19 Scholastic orders due (class   code is R3ZNX) this is the last   box of the school year.

6/23 Pj day (weather depending-   date subject to change to a   rainy day. We can’t waste nice   weather indoors!)

*when we have end dates for children moving on, we are planning an end of the school year party, date tbd*

Thank You

Miss Gabby & I would like to thank you all for the outpouring of love and appreciation we received. The amazing gifts, the cards that made us tear up. Thank you all!  We also thank you for allowing us to love your little ones. We are truly blessed that our chosen field allows us to watch our neighborhood littles grow into some amazing big kids. It is truly our pleasure to be a part of your village.

Learning Fun

I can’t believe it is already JUNE! This school year flew by! May was absolutely filled to the brim with Mother’s day, learning about the properties of insects and some big words for little ones- metamorphosis, proboscis, migrate, antennae, etc. We also learned so much about what insects do for our environment (detrivores and pollinators). We included local fish in our ‘pond’, planted some seeds in our mini greenhouses, made bug fossils, watched our caterpillars grow, metamorphose, be released, and did so many adorable art projects!


June is a continuation of the same, since overwhelming interest is holding, as well as Father’s day and end of school year fun!


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