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Our Mission & Vision

At Phelps Playschool, we are dedicated to shaping the social, emotional, and intellectual development of children in partnership with families in our community. We strive to m​aintain an environment that fosters inclusivity, kindness, individuality, and creativity to create empathetic, life long learners. 

Welcome to Phelps Playschool

We are a state licensed childcare facility conveniently located off of Route 96 on Church St in the quaint village of Phelps, NY!

Our Program

Phelps Playschool is an educational, play-based preschool. In order to run a program exclusively catered to preschool age children, we accept ages 12 months- 5 years. We use a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is based on an understanding of children's individual interests and their current developmental needs. 

-Language & Literacy experiences support word development and pre literacy skills with circle time and story time.

-Children develop early math shills by counting, measuring, sorting, comparing, and classifying with hands on activities. 

-With both independent and structured exploration of art materials, children learn creativity & expression. 

-Fine Motor skills are developed through the use of manipulatives, sensory experiences, practical life and intentionally planned activities catered to a child's current skill level. 

-Science & social studies activities help children learn about their community and the world around them. 

-children's social development is gained through social interactions, following directions, taking turns, conversation, group speaking, and cooperation. 


54 Church St

Phelps, NY 14532



Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 5:00pm

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